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What are the Security Levels of Shredders?

What are the Security Levels of Shredders?

All shredders are categorised based on their security level, which is determined by the dimensions of how fine they can shed the document.

There are 7 levels for secure shredding based on the DIN 66399 system, which are the following:

  • Level 1 – For general internal documents
  • Level 2 – For internal documents such as notes, invoices, printouts, photo-copies
  • Level 3 – For confidential documents, such as company internal documents and personal data
  • Level 4 – For highly sensitive documents and personal data subject to protection requirements,
  • Level 5 – For secret documents, such as documents and files relevant to the safeguarding of personal livelihood,
  • Level 6 – Espionage-safe, for extremely high demands of security such as military or government departments and
  • Level 7 – For the most sensitive documents (ultra secure shredding).

JMTM International Couriers use level 5 high security shredding, which will shred to a maximum Cross Cut particle a size of 20sq. mm: i.e. 1mm wide x 20mm long = 20sq.mm

More information on JTMT’s secure shredding service

Author Jonathan Twigge-Molecey

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